Lali Ayguade

Dance Workshop
19.12 – 22.12.2023
14:00 – 18:00
Maison des Compagnies – Meyrin

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My name is Lali Ayguadé,I’m dancer and choreographer. My first experience as a dancer was watching Michael Jackson, in fact he was the one who motivated me to dance.

I love going to studio. I have always done it, alone or with someone. The studio to me is a place of creativity, where everything is possible, a place of research. On the other hand, the stage is a completely different area for me because there is an audience, there are lights and you are presenting something that you have been working on. For me, when you confront yourself with the public is very important, I think we are different when there is an audience and it is a very beautiful thing, an exchange occurs between them and you.

Luck exists but I believe more in work. You have to work. We are lucky to have this job because if you are a dancer you have to like it otherwise you don’t do it, so when we say – I’m going to work_ you go to a place you like. Work makes things better and better. Obviously there are mistakes, but that’s normal and they are important.

One day I would like to do a solo, It’ s something very difficult for me and of course I would love to do it with some good collaborators.

I don’t know what my biggest mistake is, it’s better not to think about it and move on.

Politics and art sometimes mix. Not always, but in the pieces they often talk about life and what is happening in the world. Time is something that we have created, it is very relative for me but I know that it passes very quickly.

My recommendation for a young artist is to be curious and to play and if they recognizes something they like, to approach it. We need to be surrounded by people who inspire us.



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