Training Courses

The Move and Total Move training courses in urban arts and sports are intended for young people aged 15 to 22 years old, beginners and non-beginners. The educational program combines collective training and individual learning. Training and creative time is equally distributed.

Besides their main specialty, students have access to additional courses (music and video creation, street art and theory class), master classes, cross-over workshops and creative paths.

Throughout the years of training, the young future artists practice their skills by performing within or outside the school as part of the diversity of projects driven by UMA.

Training Course 1: Total Move 

Multi-disciplinary, pre-professional 2-year program for young people aged 18 to 22 years old.

Daily specialty courses / 10 weekly hours:

  • Ride (skateboard, BMX, inline skating, and scooter)
  • Parkour (mandatory discipline)
  • Urban and contemporary dance

Additional courses / 23 weekly hours:

  • Music and video creation
  • Theory
  • Composition
  • Street art

The training course provides students with the artistic, theoretical, and technical baselines and gives them the keys to develop their own individual, professional artistic expression. Cross-disciplinarity, frequent public performances and a professional integration scheme all contribute to making this one-of-a-kind training course so diverse and unique in Switzerland.

All students who followed the full training course will get an UMA training certificate.

Selection by application. A scholarship may be granted in certain cases.

Tuition fee: CHF 6’000 per year

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Training Course 2: Move 

Multi-disciplinary immersive or intensive 2 to 3-year training course for young people aged 15 to 22 years old, beginners and non-beginners.

Daily specialty courses / 6 weekly hours (intensive course) or 4 weekly hours (immersive course):

  • Ride (skateboard, BMX, inline skating or scooter)
  • Parkour (mandatory discipline)
  • Urban dance

Additional courses / 7 weekly hours (intensive course) or 2.5 weekly hours (immersive course):

  • Music and video creation
  • Parkour

The training course starts with the baselines in urban arts and sports and gradually opens up towards specific techniques and additional disciplines.

Following the 1-year Move training course, students may integrate the Total Move training course.

Selection by application. A scholarship may be granted in certain cases.

Tuition fee intensive course: CHF 3500 per year
Tuition fee immersive course: CHF 2’800 per year

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Training Course 3: Move Access 

Special training course granted as a scholarship for young people aged 15 to 22 years old in social disruption. It encourages them to express their creativity and offers them a rewarding environment. Students will be periodically and progressively integrated to the Move or Total Move training courses and will have specific follow-up. The duration and schedule of the program will be defined according to each individual profile.

Selection by application.

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UMA offers an unprecedented teaching approach around body and composition practices reflecting contemporary youth cultures.

  • Skateboard
  • BMX
  • Inline skating
  • Scooter
  • Urban and contemporary dance  
  • Parkour 
  • Music creation
  • Video creation
  • Theory

Master Classes / Workshops

Throughout the year, UMA organizes events aimed at UMA students and external students. In master classes and workshops, students can learn and practice alongside renowned artists and professionals who are invited to pass on their artistic or performing approach.

Events are open to external students upon registration and subject to the number of places available.

Public Performances

UMA students are frequently invited to perform in public. These events are essential in order to facilitate the transition between student life and professional life.

In the school

Practice sessions and rehearsals in public, performances, and concerts are organized within the Maison des Compagnies.

Out of the school

Students may be invited to perform in original creations developed by UMA upon invitation from theaters and festivals, in Switzerland and abroad. This is an opportunity for them to take part in a unique creative process, with the support of a professional team. They are able to act as performers, thus facing the public, professionals and critics.

Stepping into the Professional World

In addition to performances and shows, which help students confront the audience and critics, UMA offers its students personalized artistic support by organizing collaborations, tutorials and partnerships with professionals and artistic and cultural structures (schools, troupes, circuses).


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