UMA-Urban Move Academy is looking for motivated young people to join the training courses in Urban arts and sports that will open in September 2022 at the Maison des Compagnie in Meyrin.  

Profiles :

Multidisciplinary and pre-professional training, full time : candidates aged 18 to 22 must have a solid technical skills in Street dance, parkour or ride (skateboard, inline skating, BMX or scooter), a curiosity and openness to the arts, the ability to develop new skills and the desire to become professional. Musical practice is an asset. 

Immersive training, part time : candidates aged 15 to 22 must have a technical base in parkour, ride (skateboard, inline skating, BMX or scooter) or Street dance and the desire to improve. 

The auditions will take place until August 31st, 2022. To participate send your resume, a Vimeo or YouTube link and if revelant an Instagram account at



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