UMA’s multi-disciplinary TOTAL MOVE training program in urban arts and sports is based on the three pillars of dance, parkour and ride. The aim is to encourage dialogue between these disciplines and to combine theory and practice within the curriculum offered to young people aged 18 to 23.

TOTAL MOVE training is characterized by the development of skills in improvisation and creation, openness to other disciplines such as contemporary dance, theater, music and new technologies, but also by regular stage practice in multiple contexts. 

Training objectives:

  • Encourage students to think, research and communicate, and to adapt to different languages and contexts;
  • Acquire the theoretical and technical tools necessary for professional practice;
  • Develop a personal identity and approach;
  • Acquire practical experience of performing and interacting with the public;
  • Stimulate a spirit of openness. 

All students follow the same program, which alternates regular core classes with experienced teachers, workshops with guest artists and creative processes.


Total Move

A 2-year course designed for students wishing to embark on a professional career as a performer or simply to perfect their skills.
The focus is on the individual, the performance side and interdisciplinary practice.
A strong link is established between theoretical and practical training, through creation and regular encounters with the public.
After 2 years of training, students are invited to continue their studies for a 3rd year with the Troupe UMA, in a company environment and spirit. 

Total Move +

A program for Total Move students wishing to specialize in choreographic creation.
While following the Total Move curriculum, students will have the opportunity, with the help of the school, to create for the Total Move training and the Troupe UMA, under conditions like those offered to professionals. 

Students who have completed the entire training program receive a training certificate issued by UMA.

Meet the public

Students in the Total Move program are regularly asked to perform in public. Whether on or off-site, these events are an essential part of the transition from student to professional.

On the premises

Training sessions and public rehearsals, performances and concerts are regularly organized at the Maison des Compagnies.


UMA students may be invited to perform as part of original creations produced by UMA at the invitation of theaters, festivals, etc. in Switzerland and abroad. They take part in a unique creative process, supervised by a team of professionals who prepare them to the highest standards. They then go on to perform, where they come face-to-face with audiences, professionals, and critics.


In addition to the performances and shows that give students a chance to meet the public and critics, UMA is also committed to providing personalized artistic support by setting up collaborations, tutorials and partnerships with professionals or artistic and cultural structures (schools, companies, circuses, etc.). 

Admission / Fees

Selection for the school year is by application.
Online application form ….or on request from the secretary’s office:
+ 41 (0)22 980 99 95

Annual tuition for TOTAL MOVE and TOTAL MOVE + courses: CHF 6,000.

UMA – Urban Move Academy can grant scholarships to students who do not have sufficient financial resources and who have not succeeded in obtaining scholarships from other funding bodies.


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