October 2023


Mr Kriss

Dance Workshop + Visual Arts
02.10 – 06.10.2023
11:00 – 18:00
Maison des Compagnies – Meyrin

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Kristián Mensa (stage name Mr. Kriss) is a dancer (b-boy) and illustrator from the Czech republic who globally speaks with his creative vision to the world. In October 2019 in Paris, he reached fourth place at the prestigious Red Bull Dance Your Style competition and became a respected dancer known for his flexibility, elegance and lightness. In his illustrations, he often works with everyday objects, through which he tries to show how inspiring the world around us can be. 



Jerson Diasonoma

Hip Hop contemporary Workshop
30.10 – 03.11.2023
11:00 – 18:00
Maison des compagnies – Meyrin

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Born in 1997 in Haute-Savoie, France, Jerson Diasonama began dancing by exploring hip-hop dance, particularly popping and freestyle hip-hop. An artist and performer inspired by his environment, he explores and learns from his movement through numerous encounters and travels, notably in Germany, England, the Netherlands, Russia, the Czech Republic… Linking two worlds, freestyle hip-hop and the stage, Jerson enriches his vocabulary and develops an introspective movement based on instinctive, organic and explosive bodily expression.

His sensitivity to movement beyond labels has led him to collaborate with various self-taught choreographers and teachers on the hip-hop and contemporary scene, including Imad Nefti, Sébastien Boucher, the Kh company with Karim Khouader and, most recently, the Black Sheep company founded by Johanna Faye and Saïdo Lehlouh. Particularly sensitive to images, Jerson is also a photographer. His aesthetic essentially revolves around documentary photography. Identity, the group, youth and the crossbreeding of underground culture are his main lines of work.

In 2017, he created Essenscorp, an experimental laboratory exploring the aesthetics of movement and use of the body through dance, combining performance, sound, image and movement.


Dorian Rossel & Delphine Lanza

09.10 – 13.10.2023
Maison des Compagnies – Meyrin

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Dorian Rossel

Born in Zurich in 1975, the Franco-Swiss director was educated in Switzerland, England and Grenoble, where he studied Art and Philosophy. He graduated from the Serge Martin Theatre School in Geneva in 1996. He attended various training courses with Robert Lepage, Peter Brook and Claude Régy.

His professional career began at an early age as an actor on stage, in film and as a hospital clown. Between 1998 and 2005, he founded the Collectif Demain on change de nom, creating “contextual” and “hors les murs” pieces, combining theater, dance and visual arts.
With Delphine Lanza, he founded Cie STT / Super Trop Top in 2004.
Together, they experiment with new forms, developing a singular stage language that is demanding and contemporary, yet accessible to all. Telling stories and confronting today’s world by drawing on a variety of dramaturgical sources is the company’s DNA. These shows were quickly spotted, supported and programmed at the Arsenic (Lausanne), the Festival de la Bâtie, the Am Stram Gram theater (Geneva) and the Château Rouge (Annemasse). Anne Bisang associated them with the Comédie de Genève from 2007 to 2010. René Gonzalez associated them with Théâtre de Vidy Lausanne from 2009 to 2014.
Anne Brüschweiler associates them with Théâtre Forum Meyrin from 2014 to 2023. In France, the company was first associated with the Garance/Scène nationale de Cavaillon, then with Les Théâtres Aix/Marseille, and today with the Maison de la culture/Scène nationale de Bourges and the MAL de Thonon-Evian. With agreements from the Canton of Geneva and the cities of Geneva, Lausanne and Meyrin, the company combines research, creation, mediation and touring of its repertoire in Switzerland and abroad.

Dorian Rossel also teaches at a number of national schools: Eracm (Cannes-Marseille), Saint-Etienne, ESAD (Paris) and also in Switzerland at La Manufacture, Les Teintureries and Serge Martin.

Delphine Lanza

Born in Annecy in 1972, the Franco-Swiss actress and director began her career at an early age. At the age of 15, she turned professional, hosting a show on Télévision Suisse Romande. Soon, she was playing one stage and screen role after another in Paris, Switzerland and all over France.
In the cinema, she made her debut in Claude Goretta’s “L’ombre”, opposite Pierre Arditti and Jacques Perrin, then in front of the cameras of Jacob Berger, Nicole Borgeat, David Chidlow, Stéphanie Chuat and Véronique Reymond, Michel Deville, Pierre Maillard and Romed Wyder. Marzall’s “Attention aux chiens” won her the Swiss Film Award for Best Actress.
On stage, she has worked with Françoise Courvoisier, Rezo Gabriaze, Simon Heine, Patrice Kerbrat, Mathias Langhoff, Giovanna Marini, Stanislas Nordey, Andrea Novicov and Robert Sandoz. She directed Blandine Robin in several children’s shows that toured throughout Switzerland and France, and also worked as a director of short fiction films.
In 2004, she founded Cie STT/ Super Trop Top with Dorian Rossel, devoting herself to its development as an actress, artistic collaborator and co-director.



Matt McCreary

18.10 – 20.10.2023
13:00 – 18:00
West Park – Vernier

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Matt McCreary, 28 years old, born and raised in a small countryside town in Northern Ireland. 

He spent the past eight years living in various cities throughout Europe, working with circus and performance groups and developing workshops to teach my approach to movement.

He enjoys spontaneity, sunshine and getting squiggly…



November 2023


Lilou Ruel

08.11 – 10.11.2023
13:00 – 18:00
West Park – Vernier

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Professional Parkour and Freerunning athlete, stuntwoman in training and content creator.

I was first noticed at the age of 11 thanks to my first parkour video, which went viral.

Deeply involved in parkour since the age of 10, I’ve won 3 international competitions, including the World Cup and Red Bull AL ANDALUS, which later earned me a sponsorship from Red Bull.

My greatest sporting pride to date is being the first woman in the world to jump the famous “Man Power” gap.

All this experience in the sport has led me to do a lot of filming for brands, national channels and shows of all kinds, but also for TV as a stuntwoman and actress.

I’m also extremely active on social networks, sharing my passion and my daily life as a top-level sportswoman with over 700k followers.


Mellina Boubetra / Victor Kastel

09.11 – 11.11.2023
14:00 – 18:00
Maison des Compagnies – Meyrin

Mellina Boubetra

After studying medical biology, Mellina decided to pursue the observation of the body through dance and creation. It was with this heritage and the desire to analyse new areas of research that she set up ETRA in 2017, while retaining her role as a performer for other project leaders.

Victor Kastel

Self-taught, in search of sound. 1997
Electronic music producer.
Lives in a mountain cabin in the forest.
Influenced by parties… Adores alternative club culture and raves for their energy and musical eclecticism.
and raves for the energy and musical eclecticism of these
/limitBeau/ explores and mixes genres to rediscover
that feeling of contemplation on a dancefloor on fire;
-live music
like a sunrise with friends.


UMA Troupe Performance

Maison des Compagnies – Meyrin

The UMA troupe is offering a public performance of Mellina Boubetra and Victor Kastel’s workshop, Mufasa’s workshop (season 22-23) and the revival of ”This is not the beginning”, created in 2023 by Alexandra Prieur-Drevon and Léo Rachado (original music), two students in their 2nd year of Total Move training.
After the performance, we’ll be offering an ‘on-stage chat’ where you can interact with the artists and students, followed by an aperitif.

RSVP / Free entry
+ 41 (0)22 980 99 95

Vidéo : Tristan Zumbach
Montage : Tiago Tomaz


Akira Yoshida

Workshop Danse
14.11 – 17.11.2023
Maison des Compagnies – Meyrin

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For the second year running, UMA is delighted to welcome Spanish dancer and choreographer Akira Yoshida. Alongside his workshop, which is open to external students, he will be creating a piece for the UMA troupe. It will be unveiled to the public in February 2024.

Akira Yoshida is a dancer who has studied Break, contemporary dance and theatre. After starting out on the street, he went on to study dance at the SEAD – Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance. Since then, he has worked and collaborated with companies such as QuieroTeatro, Roberto Oliván Performing Arts, Hungry Sharks, Physical Momentum, Lali Ayguadé Company, Peeping Tom, Ceren Oran, Allen’s Line and Yoann Bourgeois.
Akira has also worked on other projects such as Virgil Abloh’s latest fashion show for Louis Vuitton, and advertising films for Just Over The Top (J.O.T.T.) and Polaroid.
He has co-created the duets “Hito” with Chey Jurado, “Together To Get There” and “Gizaki” with Lali Ayguadé, and created the solos “Home” (2017), “Burial of the Bark” (2022) and “Oroimen” (2022), the pieces “Dreaming Nowhere” for Cobosmika, “What Should We Do?” for B12, Performance Project, etc.
He has also worked as assistant choreographer to Lali Ayguadé on “Shelter” (Verve Company) and “Sublimation” (Korean National Contemporary Dance Company).

He currently combines performances, workshops and creations all over the world.



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